Use of POP and IMAP in the Outlook Mail.

What is POP? 

The pop is defined as the process of the use for the connecting in the email service and the download the all new message. This is more popular for the connecting purpose. If you have one in your Pc and the Mac system and the android and after that delete the email service. It means the after the downloaded the, It can be accessed by the same computer. If you want to access your email in the different device but a message is a download and the but access, not email. This the very usable terms for the Outlook.

THERE is one condition this condition is the send email is locally on your PC you have meant is the like PC and Mac, Not any email server. And if you have any query for this type in this condition you can easily contact us on the Microsoft Outlook customer service number.

A lot of internet service provides you that for the Gmail account that is used for the POP.


Work flow of the IMAP.

Work flow of the Imap

1-First you connect to a server.

2- Fetch users required catch it locally, Example the list of the new email.

3-after that the process user editing. Marketing email is the read and the deleting the email.


What is the IMPA?

This is defined as the process of the Gmail service for the downloaded service and the other for the conducting for the use. And this allows you to the access your email whenever access in the other system. In this condition, you can easily read the email message by the IMPA system. But you can't download this in the tour system because this algorithm is something deferent than the POP. 

Work flow of the POP

Work flow of the POP

                                                      1-You must connect on the server.

                                                        2-Retrieve all emails.

                                                          3-And after that the store locally as the new email.

                                                             4-Delete email from the server.

                                                                5-Delete from the mail service. 

                                                                   6- And last option is the Disconnect.

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